Number 9 Pencil

Handmade, all-metal mechanical pencil, designed to last a lifetime.

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Ceramic Tiles Ceramic Tiles

A range of beautiful carved ceramic tiles featuring traditional and modern designs.

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Celtic-Pictish circuit board drinks coasters

Something a little different! These are drinks coasters featuring Celtic/Pictish key pattern designs, made using standard circuit-board processes.

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AxiDraw® Drawing Machine

The AxiDraw® is a versatile computer-controlled drawing machine, operated using Inkscape extensions and using the popular EiBotBoard for hardware control.

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IJ-6 Temperature Controller

Monitor and control the temperature of many different processes from within a Windows program. Operates entirely from a USB port and provides outputs for solid-state relay control. Accepts a variety of different thermocouple types.

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IJ-7 Demonstration Module

Designed for use with the IJ-6 Temperature Controller. Ideal for users with no previous experience of PID temperature control. Enables all features of the controller to be explored fully.

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IJ-8 Rotary encoder decoder with switch

Provides easy-to-use step, direction and debounced switch outputs - the onboard microcontroller handles all decoding/debouncing.

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