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IJ-6 Software-based Temperature Controller

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The IJ-6 is a fully-featured software-based PID temperature controller which enables a wide range of temperature processes to be monitored and controlled. The unit, which is USB powered, provides connections to a thermocouple and solid-state relay for controlling an external process.

A user manual is available in the downloads section.

Click here to view a flyer (800KB PDF) for both the IJ-6 controller and IJ-7 demonstration module.

Hardware features

Rear panel

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Front panel

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Software features

The control software can be obtained freely from the downloads section. A screenshot is shown below.

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Use with the IJ-7 demonstration module

If the user has had no previous experience of PID temperature control, the IJ-7 demonstration module is available which allows all the features of the IJ-6 controller to be explored fully. The photo below shows the IJ-7 module connected to the IJ-6 controller.

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For full details of the IJ-7 module, please see its product page.


You can either order the IJ-6 controller on its own, or along with the IJ-7 demonstration module. Each controller will be supplied with a CD containing the control software and user manuals, a USB cable, and two PTFE-insulated K-type thermocouples suitable for use from -50°C to +350°C.

IJ-6 Temperature Controller



IJ-6 Temperature Controller and
IJ-7 Demonstration Module



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