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Unfortunately, these are no longer available.

Ceramic Tiles

We are pleased to present our beautiful range of 4" ceramic tiles, featuring nearly 40 different designs. All tiles have the designs carved directly into the ceramic surface using a special process, and are finished in a fully fired glaze. They are much thicker (8mm) than conventional tiles so both look and feel substantial. They can also be used as coasters, since they all come with a thick cork backing to ensure they won't scratch your tabletop.

Each tile comes with an ultra-simple free display stand made from glossy black acrylic - the two halves just slot together.

Black acrylic tile display stand Black acrylic tile display stand pieces

Chinese Zodiac Tiles

Our main range, featuring flowers, animals, and geometric designs.

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Lo Shu Magic Square Tile Coaster Lo Shu Magic Square Tile Coaster

The mysterious Lo Shu Magic Square!

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Chinese Zodiac Tiles Chinese Zodiac Tiles

A new range featuring the beautiful characters of the Chinese Zodiac!

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